If you use your hot tub regularly, you know that it requires cleaning at regular intervals. Unfortunately, we have come across several people who find this entire process to be a considerable workload. We agree that cleaning the hot tub requires a lot of patience. However, it seems extremely easy once you are accustomed to the process.

We are here to give you a quick run-through of how you should efficiently clean your hot tub in a short period of time.

Things to Reconsider

Before you get started, there are specific techniques that you should know. Make sure that you are expert enough to handle the situation. If you are a beginner, try to keep an expert by your side who can run you through the process. You should keep in mind certain things when cleaning your spa.

  1. Make sure you drain the water and then start cleaning. To drain the hot tub turn the power off and let the water drain out.
  2. If you have an inflatable tub, you are lucky because an inflatable hot tub does not have a lot of hassle in the cleaning process.
  3. It would help if you always tried to clean your hot tub every two months as it gives you clear water and a fresh feel.
  4. If your city does not allow you to release the hot tub water onto the street, make sure to remove it from your lawn.

These are the things you need to know before you start cleaning your hot tub. It will take almost 30 to 60 minutes to drain the hot tub, so wait patiently.

The Process

Once you have decided to clean your hot tub, you must follow the procedure given below. Make sure that you follow the steps correctly to make the most out of it.

  1. Draining- try to drain the water by turning the power off. This is a safety measure, and to prevent your hot tub from getting damaged, be sure to turn the power off. If you don’t do that, the jets may kick, and it may cause the water to spill out.
  2. Clean the Tub- the draining process will take you approximately 30 to 60 minutes. Once it is done, you can clean the interior and the exterior with the correct amount of detergents and chemical products. Try to use hot water and spray on the surface as it can withstand that amount of strength only.
  3. Filters– once you are done with the exterior and the shell, go for the filters and the jets. Ensure that you have an expert beside you while working on this part. Once the filter is removed, use your jet sprays to clean the filters. Soak it in the sun and then fit it properly. Double-check the fitting and leave it in that position.
  4. Refill the Tub- after the parts are reassembled, go ahead and work on refilling the tub. It took almost one hour to drain, so it may take something around that to fill your tub. Wait patiently until it’s done.
  5. Treat the Water- once the tub is filled; treat the water with a considerable amount of chlorine. Do not over-use it, and don’t make the least out of it. Make sure that you put the correct amount of chlorine in the water.

This procedure will help you understand the entire process of cleaning a hot tub correctly.


If you have ever been to a lodge or a cottage with a hot tub, then you must have noticed that a lot of effort goes into cleaning the spas and keeping them maintained. Hence if you are by any chance trying to purchase a portable hot tub, then you should also put in the correct amount of effort for cleaning them.